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The latest information on the Lachine Hospital modernization project

After the 2016 and 2017 Lean workshops and the ground-breaking ceremony of June 21, 2018, it’s time to get back to the latest news from the project HOP Lachine! – a hospital oriented towards patients.


  • The functional program: it defines the needs of the establishment in terms of the functional, operational and physical organization of the premises and has been authorized by the MSSS
  • The geotechnical and environmental study of the soil: the soil is not contaminated
  • Inventory of animal and plant species requested by the Ministry of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change: the study area is not a diversified environment. The wildlife species observed are common species of urban wildlife and are not conservation priorities
  • Survey of the hospital site (a topographic survey that is used to define the exact location of the main physical features of the site)

In progress

  • The real estate analysis: this analysis will validate whether the functional plan can be achieved from a technical point of view. From February to May 2019, six meetings will be held between the MSSS, the SQI, the MUHC and the professionals involved to complete the real estate analysis
  • Archaeological potential study: it is recommended to carry out an archaeological inventory of the area covered by the construction of the new hospital building
  • Analysis of the building’s heritage: the building has historical significance; the City of Lachine is requesting a Statement of Value, the official document that sets out the historical, symbolic and social values of a location
  • Analysis of the impact on parking and traffic in the area

Still to come

  • 3D laser surveying
  • Geophysical studies of the soil
  • Validation of needs for fixed and specialized equipment
  • Planning the review of processes

Also in this issue...

Their field of expertise: Management of major projects

The SQI is working with the Lachine community to make the hospital modernization a success.

The Société québécoise des infrastructures (SQI) is the body mandated by the Quebec government to carry out major public infrastructure projects, as is the case with the Lachine Hospital modernization project, also called HOP Lachine! – a patient-oriented hospital. SQI representatives are responsible for the successful realization of this project, which is currently in its planning phase.

“We want to make sure it works! We know that the modernization is eagerly awaited by staff and patients, but as with any major project, it is important not to skip any steps,” explains Juan Gabriel Gonzales, Executive Director of Projects at the SQI. “The timing, cost and scope, among other factors, must be respected so that in the end, everyone is satisfied.”

Juan Gabriel Gonzales and Rhédna Lamri

Juan Gabriel wanted to get involved in the project as soon as possible. He participated in the last LEAN workshop and found that expectations far exceeded the total budget approved by the ministry.

“We were able to re-evaluate the project and find a compromise between the government’s commission, the budget and the needs of the institution,” says the director, who, for this project, manages a team of about 15 experts in different areas, including engineering, strategic consulting, risk management and quality assurance.

Risk management

The planning phase, when many studies and analyses are conducted, may seem unnecessarily long for some but it is essential to guarantee the success of the project, according to Rédha Lamri, the project manager at the SQI for the HOP Lachine! project.

“Planning is often overlooked in project management, but it allows us to work ‘ahead of the game’ and better manage risk,” he says. “We must not wait for the start of excavation to find out that we can’t advance because of a technical restriction.”

Milestones of a major public infrastructure project
Preliminary Draft Project Management
  Initiation Planning Execution Closure
Worksheet Opportunity file


Business file  Summary of project progress reports Formal reception of public infrastructure


Closing report

 Main stakeholders: the Conseil de ministers (cabinet ministers), the Secrétariat du Conseil du trésor (Treasury Board), the MSSS, the SQI and the public body initiating the project


Both Juan Gabriel and Rédha want to carry out the project while ensuring its thorough management.

“The Lachine project is a great challenge, and we will give 100 percent to make it happen,” says Juan Gabriel. “We want people to be satisfied with the facilities. This is the goal of any project manager.”

Thank you, Michèle!

“Since 2015 we have had the privilege of working with Michèle Czerednikow on a regular basis as part of the HOP Lachine project! As a project manager, she quickly became indispensable to its success. At each stage, as a seasoned conductor, she supported the leadership team, managers and clinical teams, while respecting everyone’s expertise and experience.

Michèle Czerednikow and Chantal Bourdeau

Always present despite her discreet personality, she shone through her dedication during the organization of Lean Design workshops, in which more than 100 people participated. Thanks to Michèle, everyone felt legitimately integrated into the project.

Her retirement leaves a big gap in the Lachine team. On behalf of each manager, employee, patient and on my own behalf, we thank her for having believed in our ability to mobilize around a common project for our community hospital. We wish her a wonderful retirement.

Thank you, Michèle, we miss you already!

Chantale Bourdeau, clinical-administrative coordinator of the Lachine Hospital

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